Improvement, we think

July 17th, 2010

We’re hoping this is the beginning of a turnaround for Verity, and not just the visions of prematurely hopeful imaginations!

So that you can see what we are seeing, here are her daily totals for the past two weeks.  Keep in mind her minimum goal is 16 oz. per day, which means she should average 2 oz. per feeding over 8 daily feedings.

Sunday, 4th–19 1/2 oz.

Monday, 5th–19 oz.

Tuesday, 6th–17 3/4 oz.

Wednesday, 7th–21 1/4 oz.

Thursday, 8th–11 1/2 oz. (This was the day I took her in to see Dr. Morton after she took only 4 oz. over 3 night feedings.  He started her on Lasix.)

Friday, 9th–12 3/4 oz.

Saturday, 10th–19 oz.

Sunday, 11th–16 1/2 oz.

Monday, 12th–15 1/4 oz.

Tuesday, 13th–14 1/4 oz. (Dr. Morton doubled her Lasix)

Wednesday, 14th–14 oz.

Thursday, 15th–11 3/4 oz. (Dr. Johnson doubled her Lasix again; now to the max. level)

Friday, 16th–10 1/2 oz.

And so far today, Saturday the 17th, she’s had 4 feedings which total 6 1/4 oz, so just maybe she’ll take in more than she did yesterday.  Looks promising to us, anyway!

Her breathing is not better, but it isn’t worse, either.  It may well have been worse by now if Dr. Johnson hadn’t doubled her Lasix.

She had been sweating so much even with the air conditioning on in our room, that she had developed heat rash on her chin and neck and upper chest.  So we cranked it all the way up to make it downright COLD.  Like a hospital!   She only sweats now while she’s eating.

Thank you for being interested and for praying for our little one!  I wish I could respond individually to you all!  Please know that we read everything you write to us, both here and privately, and take so much encouragement from your words and kind hearts!

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2 Responses to “Improvement, we think”

  1. Marilyn Osborn says:

    Just checking in…..
    Glad to see some improvement…..

  2. Joy Horton says:

    Oh, Susanna! What an incredibly good mommy, nurse, record keeper you are!!! That is so wonderful to be able to go back and see all of her feedings and oz. My mommy’s heart was just not at peace hearing that she’s been sweating and having a hard time breathing :`( – just hurting for you all. I’m SO glad to hear that the a/c is helping her!! God bless your sweet, sweet, precious girl! The pics of her on your other entry had me in tears. She is so sweet. You are doing SUCH a great job taking care of her!! The Lord is with you! It is so evident in all of your writings.

    I love you all so very much and am praying!

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