Her heart, 5 days later

July 13th, 2010

All the questions I had for Doctor Morton today had basically the same answer.  There were questions I didn’t ask that had the same answer.  Her heart is failing again.  He noticed a marked change in her since she was in last Thursday.

So he doubled her dose of Lasix for now.  He also made an appointment for her with the pediatric cardiologist this Thursday morning rather than having her wait until next Monday afternoon.

He told me what we were beginning to suspect.  Her surgery will probably be sooner rather than later.  Her heart isn’t acting like one of those that does well on medication for the long-term.  But we’ll see what the cardiologist says on Thursday.

When I asked him about the surgery success rates being better when the baby’s heart is larger, he said that used to be more true than it is now.

Every time I go into this clinic, it seems like all that the doctor and nurse have to do for two hours is focus on our Verity.  I don’t know why this surprises me so much every time.  But it does.  It does my mother heart good to see their tenderness toward her.  The nurse finished giving her the bottle that I took along, and showed me a little trick to help her coordinate her sucking more efficiently.

Oh, and she passed her hearing test easily.  I knew she would, because she will turn her head all the way from one side to the other in order to see who’s talking over there!  There is no fluid in her ears at this point, as is common among children with Down syndrome.  Hearing is a necessary part of learning to speak, and Verity will be especially vulnerable in this area as it is.  So she will need follow-up hearing tests done every six months to help catch potential problems early.

We are both tired out by our excursion, and one of us is looking forward to another good rest tomorrow.  And our other children are looking forward to spending a day with our good friends again!  How He is blessing us!

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9 Responses to “Her heart, 5 days later”

  1. Praying for her little heart.  ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))) for you tired Mama!  :)

  2. Jennifer says:

    Praying for some rest for you. I wish there was a way to help you. ((Hugs)) and prayers, and I hope the new lasix makes a difference.

  3. Dad says:

    Our hearts skip some beats as we read these reports. But we think you are doing very well…and we continue to pray for our little angel. You are the perfect mother for such a needy sweet baby, and we are proud of you, Susanna.

  4. Denise says:

    (((HUGS)))   Oh Susanna– I am so sorry to hear this– but I am so comforted by the words— I can see God is carrying you– giving you grace for this time…..  He is so Good….

    And please remember– we are about 50 minutes away from Hershey– not sure if that is where you will be– but if so and if you need a 1/2 way point for ANYTHING please know our home is OPEN to YOU and YOUR FAMILY…for anything….. 


  5. Ruth E says:

    Hang in there sweet mama…keep reminding yourself that it is all in God’s perfect timing…trust in His loving care and treasure each day with your little one at home for now.  I am telling you from experience, that once her heart is fixed, she will be a brand new baby (once she recovers, and they recover amazingly fast).  Esther was more alert within days of her surgery…and ditched her feeding tube after just 2 short weeks!
    Hold on to Jesus!

  6. Marilyn Osborn says:

    My heart is so full for you….for so many reasons.  Prayers for you all……I know you are seeing His glory again and again…..thank you for sharing it with us….each step of the way…..

  7. Angiedawn says:

    Prayers for both of you. That precious baby and her Mamma AND Daddy….

    Your Dad’s comment is so very sweet. You *are* the perfect mother for her.


  8. Just wanted to say, I read every post!  Praying for you and that you can get some rest today and praying for precious Verity and her tiny heart.  (((hugs)))  She is so beautiful…

  9. Joy Horton says:

    “Oh, poor baby” is what I said out loud when I read that her heart is failing again. :`( But your dad is sooooooooo right! You are THE perfect mother for Verity – I agree with God!

    Prayers are going up for you, your rest, precious Verity’s little heart, and the care of your children.

    (((((((((((((((((more big hugs)))))))))))))))))))))

    I love you, my sweet friend.

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