Heading to the doctor…

July 8th, 2010

…this morning at 11.  Verity took less and less milk all through the night.  This morning she is refusing to eat more than about 1/2 an ounce.  (She should be getting between 2 1/2 and 3 ounces.)  When I weighed her just now, she had lost 10 ounces since yesterday morning.

The doctor on call said she may need a combination of a naso-gastric tube (NG tube) and a fortifier to add to the breast milk.  Both of these would help her gain weight without having to exert so much energy for it.  Energy that she doesn’t have at this point.

I’ll update when I am able…thank you for praying!

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9 Responses to “Heading to the doctor…”

  1. Ruth Einfeld says:

    I had a hunch she would be needing that, but don’t be afraid of a feeding tube – the company that provides the equipment will train you on how to use it…it’s really very easy.  Even putting it back in if she pulls it out isn’t that hard…the first time it’s a little nerve wracking (have you husband or older child help or swaddle her tight in a blanket), but after that it’s not that bad at all.  We had Esther home for a total of 6 weeks with a feeding tube/pump system using a combination of breast milk and formula…she gained 4 pounds in 5 weeks…exactly what she needed to hit that magic 12 pound mark…
    You will be amazed at how she gains weight once she gets that on board!  She will also have more awake times since she isn’t working so hard eating!
    Oh – and it’s very helpful if you give her a binky if you do any bolus feeds (giving her all her milk in a short period of time, vs using a pump to delivery the milk slowly over a period of hours)
    Feel free to call me anytime …and I have free long distance, so let me know if you want me to call you (ruth@snap-ez.com)

  2. greta says:

    glad for the update…praying~

  3. maureen says:

    We’re praying, too! <3

  4. Shannon says:

    Praying dear friend for your sweet little girl, and her mother (and daddy too).

  5. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:


  6. Ruth Einfeld says:

    Oh – and I have 1 1/2 boxes of bags for use with the Zevek pump system..if you get that system I’ll send them all your way asap!

  7. Susanna says:

    Oh my, Ruth, that is so sweet of you to offer!  I will definitely remember that when the time comes!  Thank you!

  8. Mamakelly, from Momys says:

    Susanna, Congratulations on such a sweet little baby, a little bit late.
    And what beautiful pictures you took of her.  It’s funny- that “toe thing”- it runs in my family- all of us have a space just exactly like that.  I always thought it was mine!
    She has such lovely features, and my children love the pictures of her.  I am praying for you!

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