With grateful heart my thanks I bring

June 11th, 2010

“With grateful heart my thanks I bring, before the great thy praise I sing…”

My heart is singing!

If you waded through the looooong post I wrote yesterday, you know that we’ve been scrambling to think of some sort of plan for where our children could stay if I go into labor between the 20th and the 26th (or so).

The older boys were sure that all the children could stay home by themselves and just clean up before I get back from the hospital.  When I heard this idea, all I could think of was blacking brushes flying through the air and, “I say, WHOSE BOSS ARE YOU?” And, “Mother, you told us not to eat all the sugar.  Mother, we–we ate almost all of it.”  Hmmm.  Saving all the chores for the last day?  Hmmmmmm.

Someone suggested, with tongue in cheek, that I drive myself to the hospital in labor and that way Joe could stay home with the children.  Um, that idea didn’t go far, either!

We figured that at the least, it meant that Joe would not have the ability to be at the hospital with Verity and me very long.

I couldn’t picture myself calling anyone and asking them to take this on.  I just couldn’t.

And then this afternoon, a friend called us!

She said they would love to come get our children and keep them at their home for as long as we needed!  They have a very large home and are used to hosting company, and since they have many children of their own, they would likely have anything extra our children might need while they were staying there.  Or they could bring one of our older boys back here for more supplies, as they live between 15 and 20 minutes away.

They are offering this for any time I go into labor, not just the week in question.  She made it very clear that they wanted to help in some way, and as soon as they heard of this need, they knew it was what they could do.  She even told us not to pack extra diapers and wipes for Stephen, because they would be happy to pick some up for him!

We have absolutely no hesitations about trusting this family with our children.  On any level.

Joe said, “See why I wasn’t worried?  God keeps taking care of things before we have a chance to worry.”

All I could think was, “Why, Lord? Why are You being so kind to us?”

I am just floored.  Over and over again, He keeps showing Himself strong on our behalf, carrying us along, taking our burdens, often before they make their weight felt.  This isn’t everything, either.  A few friends have been thinking about needs I might have while I’m in the hospital, and taking it on themselves to supply them for me.  Another friend sent a few freezer meals over.  This is all so overwhelming to me.  Why is He showing His goodness to us in these ways?  “Come and see the works of God; He is awesome in His doing toward the sons of men.” What else can we do, other than praise Him? 

We praise Him!

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5 Responses to “With grateful heart my thanks I bring”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Praise the Lord!

  2. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:

    Wonderful!!  It’s like floating, sometimes, isn’t it?  I often feel like I’m just floating along, resting in His hands.  Trouble does come, but He is always there, a foundation underneath any circumstance.

  3. Denise says:

    Love reading how the Lord is meeting your needs above and beyond!!  He is GOOD ALL the Time!

  4. jennifer76 says:

    How wonderful!  God is so good to provide you with such an amazing friend!  I am sure that is a huge relief for you.  I know when I was in labor it was comforting to know that my other children were being taken care of.

  5. Tami Swaim says:

    I really wish that I were keeping a log of all the little miracles and blessings along our road of shifting house.  The Lord is providing every bit of furniture and helpers, and not to mention the house itself!  By the 20th we’ll be in our house only about 15 minutes from you (I think) and are so excited about that.  Hopefully we’ll get all set up real soon and be able to help out!  A new baby…Oh the Joy (Verity Joy!)… From the mommy of Moriah Joy!!!!!!!  “Joy cometh in the morning!”  Just remember that Susanna…she’ll come nice and early in the morning, just like Moriah!

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