Why I don’t trust my gut feelings

June 24th, 2010

That might make it sound like there is only one reason.  In reality, there are many reasons, and solid ones at that.

Here’s one of them~

Every full-term pregnancy I’ve had, by the time we get down to counting days instead of weeks, the birth *feels* further and further away.  Am I the only pregnant mother who experiences this phenomenon?

It goes like this…

I fall asleep every night thinking, “Tonight may be the night.”  Then I wake up in the morning and realize that it didn’t happen.

Then my gut instinct sends me the message that it’s only logical to deduce from this that I won’t go into labor and have a baby, because see?  Plenty of chances and no labor.  No baby.  The more days that go by with no labor, the stronger this feeling grows.

Sort of like the difficulty we have *feeling* a heightened sense of anticipation that Jesus will return at any moment.  It’s next to impossible to keep that anticipatory feeling high for what seems to us to be an indefinite period of time.  See?  He had plenty of chances over the past 2000 years.  He hasn’t come yet.  And the more time that goes by without His return, the more we are inclined to *feel* like it is not, after all, imminent.

Would we say that we should just trust our feelings on that one??

Rarely, my feelings about what will happen end up coinciding with what actually happens.  But I’d be a fool to build a philosophy of “trust your gut instinct” around those.  Every single time, the feelings had to be checked against what I already knew was true before they could be believed or acted on.  And in retrospect I can clearly see that they were promptings from the Holy Spirit.

But as I look back, there were countless times that my strong sense about something ended up being dead wrong.

The truth is that there are seven days left until my due date.  But it *feels* outrageously impossible that the time is so close.  I don’t *feel* like it’s any closer now than I did a month ago.  I *feel* like Susanna is a woman who is pregnant, has always been pregnant, and will always be pregnant.  What is everyone else so excited about?  I’ll believe it when it actually happens and not before.

Ridiculous, I know!  But that’s just one more good reason I rebel against the culture’s mantra, “Trust your feelings, trust your instincts, trust your heart, trust your gut.”  All variations on the same basic theme.

Sorry, I can’t trust a proven habitual liar!

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2 Responses to “Why I don’t trust my gut feelings”

  1. Joy Horton says:

    Oh, Susanna! Yes! I get the same sort of feeling close to my due date, esp. with false labor. It seems the closer I get to delivering, the further away I get from holding my baby (if that makes any sense!). It seems like every time labor stops, the less possible it is that I’ll EVER deliver!

    I have been praying – mostly in the middle of the night, as that is when you and Verity come to mind the strongest – and I have the least amount of distractions. : ) I know God is going to continue to show Himself to you through every situation that lies ahead.

    I cannot wait to *meet* Verity! I have been so blessed seeing God uphold you through these last few months. Your family’s faith is such a light to this dark world.

    I’m so grateful to God for pouring His blessings out on you all.

  2. Oh exactly!!!  I have never heard anyone put it quite so well.  And I thought I was maybe the only one!
    Hormones all around also!  I can’t trust ’em!  Poor dh!

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