Two days old

June 29th, 2010

We just had a lovely day.  Lovely, that is, starting around three o’clock in the afternoon.  Which is how long it took to get everything back into order and put together some sort of strategy for these next two weeks.  Joe is strict about having me rest up well after birth to allow my body time for healing.  As per my midwife’s instructions more than sixteen years and ten children ago.

Our hot water heater died first thing in the morning, so everything that needed to be washed was washed in COLD, including the humans.  Hehehe.

By lunchtime, I was on the verge of tears at how far behind I was, wondering aloud to Joe if I will ever figure out how to balance everything that needs my attention.  (Hormones, hmmm?)  He answered that it probably wouldn’t be on the first day, but maybe in a couple of weeks…

…and kissed me.  He’s learned a thing or two in his time as husband.

He also loves to solve problems.  He came home from running a few errands with a set of walkie-talkies, so that I can keep a better grip on the workings of the household.

And I realized, again, that God has everything well in hand, and it will behoove me to accept where He has us right now, and that stressing will not add a single cubit to my stature.  So to speak.

Some good friends came to visit, which we all enjoyed immensely!  We love to have people here, and are welcoming all on a first come, first served basis!  (Not coincidentally, the first family to come arrived around three o’clock in the afternoon.)

And Verity is plugging away at her work of nursing.  Sometimes she does well, sometimes she doesn’t.  But when one is seeing from the perspective of gratitude, every little bit of success is huge!  (I’ll write more details later about the process of feeding her.  Partly for the sake of recording it for ourselves.  But mostly for the sake of anyone coming behind us on this path who may be searching for some idea of what they might experience with their own baby.)

Now for some pictures!

I’m slowly getting used to her coloring.  Sometimes it’s good, and sometimes it looks dusky like this.  My first reaction is still to think she is chilly, but she was toasty warm at the time.  She was more blue than this when the nurse saw her and was concerned.  But when the staff consulted with a pediatric cardiologist from the Hershey Children’s Heart Group, he told them her oxygen saturation levels (low to mid- eighties) were normal for babies with her heart defect, and that she didn’t need to be given oxygen.  And we got her back from the NICU!

In case you were wondering if she has any hair!  Also, those marks on her heels were where they were attempting to get blood for some of the many tests she had done.  They finally gave up and got it from her arm via needle, like the way you or I would donate blood.

Pink papoose.  Rosebud.  Pretty princess.  No, I’m not getting much else done while there’s a baby like this around here to nuzzle!  Those of you who have seen our other children as babies might have the feeling you’ve seen this face before.

Jane sat here like this for more than half an hour today.  I think she has laid claim to this baby.  Something in my heart sings when I think about the fact that our other children will grow up being so used to Verity’s special needs that Down syndrome will be commonplace to them.  They won’t be afraid of it, or awkward toward it, or sad about it, or…

Oooooh!  Baby is crying!  Only the third time I’ve heard her do that!  Gotta run…

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12 Responses to “Two days old”

  1. greta says:

    I can’t wait to meet her! she is so beautiful!

  2. Verity is beautiful and so blessed to have you as you mommy. You will have a new normal soon, the first few weeks after baby is a hard figuring out the new routines etc… You need rest too, so don’t worry about that yet, just snuggle your new baby girl. :) I know easier said than done. ;)

  3. Jennifer says:

    She’s so precious! I’m so glad you’re all home and your family can all be loving on her.

  4. Joy Horton says:

    Oh, my goodness! Please, PLEASE give those cheeks some kisses from me! Her sweet little face just MELTS my heart! I wish we could meet her in person! She’s ABSOLUTELY precious!!!!!!! I’m glad you’re all home and so blessed to see how loved she is (not that it’s any surprise), SO SWEET! I can imagine how that must do your mama’s heart so much good to see the olders doting on her! What a blessing!!!

  5. Patti says:

    Susanna, I’m SO sorry this is this first chance I’ve had to wish you congratulations! We have been on the East coast for a week, and my internet/computer access has been limited. I am so happy for you! Verity is just gorgeous, and what a healthy weight for her! Glad to hear her nursing is going well, hang in there! You may have read how Lily had ups and downs with nursing, but now she nurses so well that she refuses a bottle at all! I hope you are getting lots of help, and that you are just able to rest, rest, rest. Can’t wait to hear about labor and delivery! Blessings, Patti

  6. Shannon says:

    Oh, Susanna, she is so gorgeous and so well loved already!!  You and your dh are doing a wonderful job!!

  7. Erin says:

    love love love these photos, how beautiful can she get? perfect!

  8. Esther Glick says:

    I love every new photo! She sure doesn’t look blue to me, but then, I’m quite used to a blue baby :) I’m so happy you get to nurse her, even if not all the time. What a treasure!!! Definitely no lack of arms to snuggle her at your house! I would love to rock her, too! :)

  9. Marilyn Osborn says:

    I just love checking in here to see how you are and to see sweet Verity (and all!)!  TYSM for posting and sharing your journey.  It is BLESSING my heart!  ((((((hugs)))))))

  10. Yvonda says:

    Can you believe it??? Every time I see pictures of her I am so amazed that she’s a little bundle of PINK!!!  Do you think that waiting for her made her even more precious?  How dear that Jane is taking her under the wing.  :)  These are beautiful pictures, Susanna!

  11. Tami Swaim says:

    Oh Susanna! She is beautiful. It’s love at first sight for me…I love her! Can’t wait for her and Moriah to be friends! They are about a year a part. Moriah turns one next month.

  12. Missy says:

    She is so beautiful!  Violette was really sleepy for a few weeks – she drove me crazy trying to get her to wake up and eat. 

    You are so right about her siblings. My 5 year old loves Violette so much. She’s in a summer camp right now, and I asked her how young the kids were in the class. She told me the youngest is a three year old.  I said, Oh, do you think Violette would do ok in that class next summer? Lilianne said without missing a beat “‘course.”  Plain and matter of fact, of course she would do just fine – why wouldn’t she.  Then Lilianne said “And when they ask her name and her favorite food, if she doesn’t say something I’ll just tell them and look after her.”  And she does, and she would.  Lilianne knows how to be inclusive, how to play with her sister, exactly how to adapt her games so Violette can participate too.  My older girls have one thing that they both agree on without any hesitation or jealousy. Violette is their favorite sister.   I’m guessing in an even bigger home, Verity will be the little princess for quite some time!

    One of the most fun things for me has been figuring out how to challenge all three of them (a 10 year old, a 5 year old and a 3 year old) with fun activities that enhances where each of them are, and help Violette hit the next level.  I’m telling you, there are so many fun things and ways we have found to help her meet her milestones. You will too!

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