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June 30th, 2010

If I waited to feed Verity until she cried to eat, she would probably not have survived this long.  She cried when she was born, I heard her cry briefly when I was present for one of her blood sugar tests, and she cried again briefly the other night when she tried to pull her arms out of her swaddling blankets and they got stuck in her sleeves.  Other than that, she wakes for short times about twice in twenty-four hours, and sleeps through most of her feedings.  When she is awake for feeding time, that’s when she is most successful in nursing without the nursing shield.

When she refuses to nurse at all in favor of sleeping, I have to force feed her as much of her 2 1/2 oz. of milk as she will take, using the syringe.  For perspective, Sunday she needed 1 1/2 syringes full of milk, Monday 3 syringes, then yesterday it jumped up to 7 syringes full.  She’s having trouble keeping her energy up for as long as that takes, and so far yesterday or today, she still hasn’t gotten the total amount.  I’m freezing the extra for the future.  BUT, she gained 4 oz. in the last two days, anyway!  That made this mama HAPPY!

These two days, since her feeding requirements have increased, the whole process has been taking two out of every three hours from start to finish, including washing the pump parts and changing her.  Since there are 8 feeds in 24 hours, the math says that if I did nothing else in life right now but feed her and sleep in between, I would get 8 hours sleep.  In the real world, I got 4 hours yesterday and so far, 2 1/2 today.  Ummmm…I have an unspoken prayer request, please!

I know God can perform miracles, because I am having trouble focusing my eyes on anything *except* for the little space in her mouth between the syringe and my pinky finger, for all those hours in the middle of the night.  He truly is the One who gives strength to the weary!

And the best news for last–Verity shocked us all by ROLLING OVER tummy to back last evening!  Right before my eyes!

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8 Responses to “Quick request…”

  1. Robin says:

    Susanna, I just had to tell you really quick that our whole family is praying for you and loving your family from here. My husband ask if there are any new pics of her almost every day! That is SO VERY unlike him. Please know that you are being held up in prayer throughout the day. She is beautiful! I cried with joy when I saw that she had arrived safe and healthy! With much Love and Joy!- Robin

  2. cindy says:

    My prayers are with you all.  May Verity get all the nourishment and oxygen she needs to grow and thrive in her Fathers perfect will.  May God send all the help you need to meet each need.  May your sleep increase and hers decrease daily. 

  3. Jennifer says:

    Definitely praying. That picture of you finger feeding brings back so many memories. I wish I had a picture like that. I remember well the exhaustion – although I haven’t had a baby with Down Syndrome, I had three preemies. They all had the really sleepy stage where I had to finger feed. My one ds I had to force feed for months. Left to his own devices, he would eat only half of what he was supposed to. It was exhausting – I can sympathize so much. Praying for you all – that she wakes up and starts eating better and you can get some sleep.

  4. Becky says:

    Praying for you Susanna! 

  5. Patti says:

    I can relate to all this, and it was just 5 short months ago! She is just so precious, you are so blessed to have been able to take her home right away. Love her golden hair:)

  6. Joy Horton says:

    Praying for you, Susanna! You are an awesome mama and I am just marveling at you! Love you, sweet sister!

  7. ((((hugs))))  Praying for you and precious verity.  Praying you get some much needed sleep and I hope you have some help for around the house!
    Amazing that Verity has rolled over already!!

  8. Sabrina says:

    I will be lifting you up in prayer.  She is so precious, and she is so blessed to have an experienced mama taking such good care of her.

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