Laying three requests before Him

June 7th, 2010

As Verity’s birth gets closer, we are asking God for three things~

1.  That she is head down when I go into labor, so that I don’t need a second C-section.  She is still all over the place, as my later singletons have been up until full term.  I continue to have an irritable uterus, and get lots of contractions with even low-key activities.  So knowing that she may come a bit early and that her favorite position thus far is not head down is really motivating me to move slowly and rest more!

2.  That she continues to gain well.  I haven’t gained any weight for almost two months, which is not normal for me at all, so we are praying that her growth doesn’t slow down as is more common for babies with Down syndrome in their last few weeks of gestation.  We’d love for her to be able to start out with an edge in this area, for many reasons.  (I’ve had very little appetite and fill up fast, so I’m trying to eat efficiently…many calories in small portions…good fats and proteins.)

3.  That the amniotic fluid maintains a healthy level.  I’m trying to stay hydrated, especially considering the hot and humid weather, but for some reason this concern is on my mind a lot, so I’m taking it to Him, too.

And just like every other area of life, HE KNOWS what we truly have need of, and what we don’t, and we want what HE wants for us!  So our hands are open to let go of our requests and receive whatever He sends.

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2 Responses to “Laying three requests before Him”

  1. Angela in MT says:

    I just wanted to pop over and say what a blessing your blog has been!  I continue to lift you and Verity up!

  2. Patti Rice says:

    I will be praying and believing with you! And how wonderful about finding a pediatrician! God is so faithful to help us in the details:)

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