Jumping for joy!

June 7th, 2010

I know, I know–two posts in one day!  *rolling eyes*  But we are SO, SO excited about this provision of the Lord!  My heart can’t get any fuller right now without bursting!!

It hit me last weekend–we never picked out a clinic or pediatrician for Verity!  They’re going to ask us for this information at the hospital!

Weeks ago, we’d heard about two possibilities and I had them jotted down to look into “later.”  Well, that “later” was today.  I called one place, a regular medical center about 40-45 minutes from our home, and sat on hold for about five minutes until I finally gave up.

The only information I had about the other option was the name of an area doctor who is world-renowned for his research into rare genetic disorders, especially among the Plain people in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, where we live.  (You can google his name, Dr. Holmes Morton, and be amazed as I was.)

The friend who told us about Dr. Morton was unsure whether he would accept Verity as a patient, since we are not Amish or Mennonite, and Down syndrome is the most common genetic disorder.


The nurse who answered told me that they do not limit their new patients to Amish or Mennonites, but–get this–they do not work with any medical insurance, so it is all self-pay!!!

It gets better!  This clinic is called The Clinic for Special Children, and they have several doctors on staff.  Their fee is $100 for the first visit and $50 for every subsequent visit!  They have a pediatric cardiologist come once a month to do any echocardiograms that are needed, and the cost for those is $150!  These are specialists‘ fees?!

Furthermore, they would accept Verity as a patient with no previous consult needed!  She took our information (including Verity’s full name!), and said she would alert the doctors that we would be calling them after the birth, and to go ahead and list their clinic as Verity’s pediatrician.  We could call on them for an in-hospital consult if we thought that was needed.  If not, we would just wait and schedule Verity’s required one-week-old check-up with them.

And this clinic is less than fifteen minutes from our home!!!

Thank You, LORD!!!

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8 Responses to “Jumping for joy!”

  1. Denise says:


    I am praising God with you!!  That is so awesome!! 

  2. Barbara Coffman says:

    Hi Susanna,
    I have a 22 year old daughter with Down syndrome who is a joy to us.  Recently I read a poem which I wanted to send you.  It blessed me and I hope it will you too.  I nearly sent it to Jonathan and had him e-mail it to you because I’m not exactly sure how responding to a blog works.  But here it is:

    The Grace of God
    “And He said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness.” II Cor. 12:9
    “My grace”, ‘tis the God of all grace who hath spoken
    Whose Word in the heavens forever is set;
    Whose covenant promise hath never been broken;
    Who never can fail or forget;
    Who knoweth my needs and Who seeth my sorrows,
    However so many and great they may be;
    Who heareth my prayers for the days and the morrows;
    His grace is sufficient for me.
    “My grace”: all His blessings this word is unfolding,
    His love and His power in harmony blend;
    ‘Tis grace that hath saved me, and grace that is holding,
    And grace that will keep to the end;
    ‘Tis grace that hath written redemption’s glad story,
    And grace all the song of the ransomed shall be;
    ‘Tis grace that transforms me from glory to glory;
    That grace is sufficient for me.
    “My grace is,” not “was,” and not “will be”; ‘tis flowing
    Each hour and each moment my need to supply,
    The deeper I dip, still the deeper ‘tis growing,
    No drought can diminish or dry;
    My heart from the future no trouble shall borrow;
    Eternal this present provision shall be,
    Assured for today and as sure for tomorrow,
    Such grace is sufficient for me.
    “My grace is sufficient,” Oh, help without measure!
    An ocean of riches no plummet can sound,
    A storehouse unfailing of infinite treasure,
    A gift without limit or bound;
    Exceeding abundant for all His creation,
    Enough for the thorn that is buffeting me,
    The fulness of God for earth’s brief tribulation…
    “My grace is sufficient for thee.”
    “Sufficient for thee” , for my utmost salvation,
    As though ne’er another had owed Him a debt;
    For my special grief and my special temptation,
    My cares and my sins that beset;
    He giveth more grace for my humble endeavor,
    His strength in my weakness perfected shall be,
    I am praising Him now, I shall praise Him forever;
    His grace is sufficient for me.
    –Annie Johnson Flint
    I hope you enjoy it like I did.  I so much enjoy your writings about little Verity!
    Barbara Coffman

  3. greta says:

    praise Him!

  4. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:

    (happy tears!)  Praise the Lord!

  5. Yvonda Groff says:

    HOW do you turn cartwheels online???? 
    WOW!!!! Thank You, God!!!! 

  6. Angela in MT says:

    praising God with you!!!

  7. Aunt Mary says:

    As the psalmist said; “O Magnify The Lord with me, and let us exalt His Name together”! So happy for yet another provision God has made for your family.

  8. Oh He is so good!!!!

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