Brief update…

June 25th, 2010

Verity passed her non-stress test today!

She started out head down (vertex) and we didn’t get great readings.  She kept falling asleep, and when we jostled her, she’d shift position so much we’d lose the heartbeat.  She doesn’t like to be bothered and always kicks up a fuss.

Then she flipped to breech and we got the readings we needed.  Then she went back to vertex.  What a girl!

The nurse who did the testing guessed that Verity doesn’t weigh 7 pounds yet.  What was my guess?  Just over 8?  My midwife refuses to guess pre-born baby weights, and I have an idea that she is the one who will be proven right in the end!

I came home with a big abdominal binder to help her stay vertex when she is in that position.

I also learned a little ice cube trick to try to get her to go back down if she is breech when I go into labor, or if she is breech Monday afternoon before I go to visit the OB.  (I doubt the OB would be impressed by her flipping skills!)

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  1. Jennifer says:

    She’s sure an active one, isn’t she! Wow!

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