Small update and big thanks

May 12th, 2010

On Monday, our children went to play with my brother and sister-in-law’s six children, and my midwife met me at the obstetrician’s office.

She turned out to be “the nice kind” of doctor—no god-complex that my sensors could detect, and not intimidating to me, for which I was very thankful, indeed.

She said that before she can proceed with a plan of care, we need more information as to Verity’s condition.  Specifically, she needs to know if the maternal-fetal medicine specialists will okay Verity to go through labor and birth, or if they will recommend a C-section.  The doctor heartily approved our previous decision not to have regular ultrasounds, but to get one closer to the birth.  And what’s more, she said that now is the perfect time to get that ultrasound.

So that is on our calendar for next Tuesday afternoon.

Big thanks go to my midwife for being the other half of my brain on Monday, and for your support.  <smile>  Seriously, it’s hard for me to imagine going through any pregnancy or birth without you, so you’d better not retire before I do.  You are one in a million, at least.

More big thanks to my brother and sis-in-law for welcoming our children for longer than we expected the doctor visit to last.  It is such a gift to have others accept our children as they are.  Thank you.

I haven’t gotten a good nights’ sleep or a rest day since last Friday, and there have been other complications of life during this time (more on this later, Lord willing), but a few faithful friends encouraged me and prayed for me today.  Despite my physical tiredness, it has made a palpable difference.  Thank you for ministering to me in this way.  And thank you to a few others who recently let me know you have been praying.

I don’t take any of you for granted.  I love you all.

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