Counting down!

May 6th, 2010

Today marks 32 weeks of pregnancy!

Verity should weigh about 4 pounds and be about 16 inches long.  She must still have plenty of space, because she moves just as vigorously as she did earlier, although she has definite sleep/wake patterns now.

There are 8 weeks left until her due date of July 1st, but we’ve been told to be prepared that she may come a bit early, so we’re trying to keep the last two weeks of June open, just in case.

We have finished our 180 day school year and completed the year-end evaluations.  The early vegetables have been planted.  The flower beds are finally mulched for the season.  Our household has switched to our summer routine.  Yay! for being outdoors in lovely weather!

In the next 56 days, we are planning~

to plant the rest of the vegetable garden

to continue work on the playroom project

8 trips to one of the many beautiful area parks, especially any with an overlook of the Susquehanna River (armed with telescope and spyglass to spot eagles!)

(at least) 6 kitchen days, hopefully including some canning and freezer jam-making

(maybe?) 6 prenatal visits

4 campfire nights

4 piano lessons for Joseph

4 phys ed days with friends for Laura and Jane

4 supper get-togethers with friends

1 Big Families and Friends picnic

1 birthday party (#11 for Laura!), with photo session and going out for treat with Mom

1 more haircut day for the 8 males in the family (I cut it extra short this week to make them last longer!)

1 level II ultrasound

1 project to build shelving in our room to create usable space for Verity’s things


So, no worries that we’ll run out of things to do if she waits to be born at term like a good little girl.  We can see time speeding by, but July 1st still seems very far away!

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