Bread from heaven

May 24th, 2010

If the old Jewish proverb is true that says, “Every baby is born with a loaf of bread under its arm,” then God seems to be sending the whole bakery along with Verity.

“And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” All your need, it says.  Well, we believe that.  This would include our need for friendships, for rest, for wisdom, for discipline, for energy, for material goods, for work, for direction in life, for time…the list goes on.  We are weak and needy people.  And along with our fellow pilgrims, we are trusting that He is our Provider.

To clarify, we don’t believe we have a choice between being faithful and diligent at what He gives us to do, and trusting Him.  He has called us to do both, at the same time.  To drop either one of them would be disobedience.  Plow that field and know that God is the one in charge of bringing whatever increase He sees fit to bring.  We don’t advocate laziness, or stinginess.  Trust and obey.

We know that as Sovereign over all, He is well able to move resources around as He pleases, giving His people exactly what He wants us to have.  And He asks us to be content with what He chooses for us, as a way of acknowledging that His understanding is superior to ours, of letting go of our desire to rule our own lives.  He knows whether we need to be hungry or to be full.  When we think we have a need, and don’t immediately see a provision for it, we say, “Let’s wait and see what God will do.”

Over and over again through the years, we have seen Him provide for us far better than we could ever have provided for ourselves.  We love being able to walk in inner joy and freedom, leaving those burdens on Him.  At times we have walked the other way, and there is no joy or freedom there.  It really is true that He supplies all our need.

Just lately, we’ve been watching with open mouths as He has been pleased to pour blessings of all sizes and kinds into our family.  Here are some I can think of quickly…

~For almost fifteen months now, the carpentry business that Joe and his dad own has been abundantly blessed with work, with more coming in regularly.  We see this as one of several ways God is providing for our extra expenses, both the ones we are having now and those that seem to be coming.

~We’ve been able to get together with various friends recently.  We consider true friendships to be one of the high privileges of life and we treasure every one that God gives us!

~One of Joe’s aunts recently offered: 1. To give those eight haircuts when it’s hard for me to handle.  I’m definitely planning to take her up on this offer in mid-June at 38 weeks pregnant!  2. To have the younger children go to her house next door and play in her basement playroom if I ever desperately need a nap, 3. To bring a meal if it would be a help, and 4. To come over to our home one day this past week and do anything she could to help.  Since we’re keeping up with the basics, but not doing many extras, we planned a fun (messy!) project for all the younger children that I would not have attempted at this point without that extra help!

~At a thrift store’s recent half-price sale, I found a washable floor activity mat of just the type Verity can use for tummy time and for some of her therapy.  This has been on my to-look-for list for many weeks!  The original label said it cost $40, but we paid $3.  God put it there for Verity.

~A dear friend offered to can peaches with me, at her house, using her equipment.  After I filled one whole jar, she ordered me to sit down, and she and our son Daniel, age 14, proceeded to can the rest.  Oh, and she had given us the large box of frozen, sliced peaches to begin with.

~Our oldest son, Joseph, 16, has been studying piano with a very skilled teacher for almost 6 years.  This teacher has been looking for an opportunity for Joseph to be pushed further and harder than the teacher felt able to do himself.  Through some God-ordained “coincidences” that we could not possibly have engineered for ourselves, Joseph has been accepted as a student by a pianist who received her doctorate in piano from Julliard, who lives half an hour from our home.  (And furthermore, charges twice as much as his former teacher!)  Out of the blue, my father’s dear wife volunteered to do all the driving to and from these lessons over the next months until Joseph can get his driver’s license!  And also out of the blue, my older brother recently offered work to Joseph and Daniel one day a week, which would provide income for them above and beyond what they need to contribute toward their lessons.  I say lessons, in the plural, because Joseph’s former piano teacher will continue to come to our home to teach, but now Daniel is the one on the piano bench!

~For a few months now, God has been giving us, for free, all the whole grain Pepperidge Farm bread we can use, as well as four to eight gallons of creamy Jersey milk every week, through others who are blessing us with their surplus.  Recently we also received several dozen eggs for the same reason.  (Yes, we had a free French toast meal last week!)

~God keeps nudging different friends, near or far, to write or call or text message or email or even to stop in to say that they are praying, or to offer encouragement or some other help.  And God in His mercy always arranges this for just the times I seem to be needing it most.

~An anonymous online friend had a brand new mini trampoline shipped to our front door, for all the children to enjoy after Joe and the big boys get that playroom project finished!  (How I wish I knew which sweet friend this was!)

~No fewer than three loving online friends offered to give me nursing covers of a specific type that will keep me from forced seclusion during the hours I will spend working with Verity!  It is so humbling to me as one who has always had trouble accepting gifts and help from others.  [See post on pride...]

~We have had no lack of offers from various gracious friends and family to have our children in their homes during medical appointments, yes, even after they have already tried it once!  One friend told us we don’t need to keep asking different people, because they would be happy to have our children every time!  Another friend actually wrote us a note while our children were at her home, thanking us for the pleasure of having them there for the afternoon.  That has to be a first in all of recorded history!  These are nine ordinary human children, folks!  I used the word “gracious” to describe these friends, and I meant “gracious!”

We know that our God may sometimes allow us to walk in the midst of trouble.  But we know that He will not forsake us.  How can we have fear for the future, when we have such a strong God, and He has made such promises to us?

We give you thanks, O LORD, with our whole hearts!

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4 Responses to “Bread from heaven”

  1. Robin says:

    I just found your blog and really enjoy it.  What an amazing testimony to our Living God!  Phil 4:19 is one of my favorite verses.  Blessings!

  2. Joy Horton says:

    With a thankful heart and tear-filled eyes, Susanna, I am rejoicing with you in all that God has done, is doing, and will continue to do in your lives – and ours through yours!

    Love you all!!!

  3. Yvonda Groff says:

    “Whatsoever a man sows, that also shall he reap…”
    It makes me happy to see the Lord turning and pouring back out on you what you have given to Him.  It makes me so happy to see again His character manifested in your lives!  He isn’t just blessing you, He is blessing many other people, too.  Thank You, Lord!

  4. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:

    Tears of joy at the Lord’s goodness!!!

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