What’s impossible with God?

April 9th, 2010

Imagine a young lady who has been surrounded all her life by those who love her.  All her needs have been generously met by her Father from the time she was a tiny girl.  Instead of becoming spoiled and demanding, she has a thankful heart and loves to give freely to others as her Father has freely given to her.

Then one day, she realizes that she has a looming need for something SO IMPOSSIBLY BIG that she knows it cannot be satisfied without a miracle.  However, she hears no word from her Father telling her how He will meet this need.

But no fear!  Immediately, up rides a giant of a man on a white steed!  He jumps off his mount, sweeps off his hat and bows low.

“I am at your service, my lady!” the strapping stranger declares, “I have come to provide for you the thing you so desperately need.”

“Oh sir, how are you able to perform such a miracle?”  she inquires in astonishment.

With a grand gesture, he boasts, “By coercion, my lady.  I have gone to all your neighbors and forced them under threat of fines and imprisonment to give large sums to me.  Now all you need do is speak the word, and your desperate need will soon be just a bitter memory.  See how wonderful I am!  In your helpless position, you should be grateful to me for such a generous offer.  After all, I don’t see a line-up of others waiting to rescue you from your distress.  But I, I can take care of you for the rest of your life!”

“You would really take care of me?” she asks, “Can it be true that you love me when you do not know me?”

“Who said anything about love?”  he chuckles at her amusing lack of sophistication, “I make no claims to love you.  I care no more about you than about this toad I see hopping across my boot, and certainly less than I care for myself.  No, my lady, the bargain is this:  I meet your needs and you give me the credit for this stunning rescue.  I do love to be the people’s hero!”

Instead of falling at his feet in delighted gratitude, she shrinks distastefully away from this barbaric stranger who makes such crass claims to be her one-and-only savior.  “I know it wouldn’t be a sin against You, Father, but how can this be Your will for me?  All my heart’s desire is for YOU to be seen as the strong Provider that You are!  Please, Father, please, show me another way!”

Okay, a cheesy story, I know.  But it is the most picturesque way I could think of to describe how our family sees the prospect of accepting government help.  Please do not misunderstand.  We do not believe that it is a sin against God to be forced to take government money, and we would not have a guilty conscience if we were so forced.

If He does allow us to be put into that position, we know that He will have His own purpose for it.  He has allowed His people throughout history to face oppressive, persecuting governments, and this doesn’t begin to compare with those situations!  Plus, in our country, the governed have freely chosen to vote pirates into office, so they really shouldn’t complain when their money is re-distributed against their will.

We are still going to pray against it until we know what God’s plan is for us.  We want so much for our Provider, who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and who can do anything He pleases, to be clearly seen as the Hero of this story.  He is our God!  The government is not.

What is bringing these considerations to our minds is the story we recently heard of a dear family who welcomed a baby girl into the world eight years ago, knowing she had Down syndrome and a heart defect.  At five days old, she needed emergency heart surgery.  That surgery enabled her to wait five more months until she had her main heart defect repaired.  Her mother shared with me that the first three weeks of her life cost $800,000.  And of course, there were additional bills for her complete heart repair at five months of age.

In Pennsylvania, where we live, from the time a child is diagnosed with Down syndrome, and retroactive three months, all medical and therapy costs for that child are covered by the state.

We will keep on praying that God will glorify Himself.

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2 Responses to “What’s impossible with God?”

  1. Aunt Mary says:

    Have been praying everyday. I know the Lord will grant you His Wisdom in this decision also. Blessings on all your family.

  2. Susanna says:

    Oh Aunt Mary! I am so happy to hear from you! Thank you so much for praying!

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