We’re going on a Verity date!

April 26th, 2010

I’m so excited!

Our good friends told us that a local pregnancy care center was holding a fund-raising banquet this coming Thursday evening, and thought we might like to go hear their special speakers, brother and sister duo Derrick and Julie Tennant.

After checking out their website, thelovechromosome.com, we really hoped that they would have space for us at the banquet.  Julie definitely sounds like an sister in Christ we want to meet!

And the center called back this morning to say they will reserve two seats for the three of us!

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2 Responses to “We’re going on a Verity date!”

  1. Yvonda says:

    I really was blessed by the links– what a beautiful way to describe it: the Love chromosome!  Thanks for sharing.

  2. Colleen says:

    Oh, wow.  I just love her letter.

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