The Body of Christ

April 1st, 2010

Something’s been going on behind the scenes of our family’s life that needs to be made public.

Nothing like this has happened to us before, ever.

I don’t think we’ve gone more than a couple of days in all these past weeks without God deciding to send us some kind of personal encouragement, either by phone, snail mail, email, private onlinr message, in person, on an internet Down syndrome board or by comments left here on our blog.

Sometimes it is an encouragement that they love us and our baby.  That they haven’t forgotten us and are praying faithfully.  Sometimes it is an encouragement to keep on writing here.  Sometimes it is an encouragement not to be overwhelmed by the unknowns and possibilities.  Or an offer to be available if we need help.  Or they want to give a gift of love to our little one.  One friend has been faithfully sending me a verse or passage of Scripture that contains the word “truth” nearly every day.

Back at the very beginning, I thought that many people would be avoiding us.  And of those who didn’t, that by now, they would have moved on to the next news.  This has simply not happened at all.  What we are seeing instead is God’s people remembering us and taking time to show us the love of Jesus in the midst of their own busy-ness.

Monday evening we went to eat supper with another big, homeschooling family and had a blast visiting with them!  What we didn’t know was that they had been planning to shower Verity with gifts!  It amazed me to see that unbeknownst to them, God had prompted them to give things we didn’t already have, like a baby book/scrap book!  I have always found our baby books at thrift stores and stashed them away in the attic for the next baby, but had not found one for Verity.  This family also blessed us with our first carseat/stroller system!  It was one that they no longer needed!  (I feel like a young, new-fangled mom now!  Tee hee hee!)

Here’s another kind of encouragement that a friend sent me this week:

“This past Sunday our family visited a new church.  We didn’t know a single person there so I felt a tiny bit shy as we walked in the entrance.  We were inside only moments, and who should be first to greet us but a young, sweet girl with Down syndrome.  It didn’t matter that we were complete strangers.  She wanted to say hi and find out how we were doing.  There was love & compassion written all over her.
During the service there were times of people sharing testimonies and without fail this little girl would soon be at their side.  Either hugging them or patting them, you could tell she was loved by all and allowed to function in her own special ministry of blessing others.  I talked with her mother later and found out she was ten years old, and also born with a heart defect.
All this to say, that seeing this little girl made me think of your little Verity so much!!  I could just imagine an adorable little girl with the sweetest heart ever.  She was so much on my heart that day and I just wanted you to know how special she is to me, and so many people already, even though we have never met her!

So if you are one who has been praying for us or encouraging us, thank you.  You are acting in harmony with other parts of the body of Christ, accomplishing one of His purposes toward us.  And it is awesome to see.  We wanted you to know.

“I have not concealed Your lovingkindness and Your truth from the great assembly.”

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