New every morning!

April 2nd, 2010

Earlier this week I mentioned to Joe that I felt more like I was in the last trimester than in the second one.

Then it hit me.  No wonder!  I was entering the last trimester on April first!

So now we have six months down, three to go.  Twenty-seven weeks down, thirteen to go.

For the most part, I am fully enjoying the privilege of carrying active new life inside me.  There’s not much about pregnancy I don’t love.  (Especially with a maternity support belt to relieve back pain.  And especially now that my good friend has helped me find some warm-weather clothes for these last few months!  :) )

Every so often, my anticipation is marred by a flash of desire to carry Verity safely inside me indefinitely, here in the known with the door closed against the unknown.

But I know His compassions fail not and are new every morning!

That is true today, when I sit in the passenger side of the car and sixteen-year-old Joseph drives fourteen-yea-old Daniel to work.   It will be true next weekend, when we tell Verity’s news to the last group of folks who haven’t heard it.  It will be true in two weeks, when our family is planning to travel several states away and back.  It will still be true when the day of Verity’s birth comes!

(Besides, I’m pretty sure any of you mothers with experience were chuckling when you read I’d like to stay pregnant!  Yes, I know that God has His ways of making us very ready for the birth once we are near the end!)

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  1. Melissa says:

    I was ready to stay pregnant too.  Both to keep the unknown (we didn’t have a confirmed prenatal dx, just a very strong possibility) at bay, and because I just loved being pregnant!

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