So I asked Him for joy…

March 22nd, 2010

And this is how He answered me~

Yesterday during the meeting, one of the brothers read Psalm 19, and verse 7 jumped out at me.  The law of the LORD revives the soul.  Lord, please take Your Word and revive my soul.  I don’t want to bring shame on Your name by acting like You are not enough.

Later, another brother suggested that we take some time to offer a sacrifice of praise to God.   A sacrifice!  Praise that You deserve all the time and not just when I feel like offering it!

No wonder there was dullness in my soul.  I’d neglected to deliberately praise Him!  This is plain ol’ disobedience!

It’s really obvious in our little ones.  When they are being disobedient, they are miserable.  But even when they don’t feel like it, when the disobedience is confessed and taken care of and they are required to obey our instructions anyway, very soon they brighten up again.  (Our older children say it works like magic!)

This morning, He took me to Psalm 51 and wow!  I’d never noticed all the joy in this Psalm before, directly connected to David’s confession of sin!

“Make me hear joy and gladness…

Hide your face from my sins…

Restore to me the joy of Your salvation…

Deliver me from the guilt…

And my tongue shall sing aloud of your righteousness…

O Lord, open my lips and my mouth shall show forth Your praise!”

I love to remind the children how wonderful it is that God has provided a way for us to take care of our sin.  Turn away from it, confess it to Him, make things right with others if we need to, and walk on, free of the weight of guilt.  What joy!

Today I am singing:

“Let those refuse to sing who never knew our God,

but children of the Heavn’ly King, but children of the Heavn’ly King,

May speak their joys abroad, may speak their joys abroad!”

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