No coincidences with God

March 27th, 2010

This week, we sat down as a family to watch a short documentary I had seen recommended.  It was called A Full House of Blessing: The Inspiring Story of the Nicklas Family.  We thought it would be fun to see another big family profiled.

We didn’t find out until shortly before we watched it that it features a family with six children, two of whom have special needs.  And while watching, we realized that they had a toddler boy with Down syndrome!

The mother of the family described her reaction after hearing her infant daughter’s diagnosis.  She was sobbing and expressed to her husband that her life would never be the same again.  He put his arms around her and said, “Honey, God doesn’t want you to be the same.  Don’t fight Him.  Let Him change you.”

What we intended for a fun addition to family night, God had planned to speak the truth to me.

Yesterday, I took Laura for her 5th grade achievement testing, and met up there with another mother.  Her sixth child is a toddler boy with Down syndrome.  We had talked on the phone a few weeks earlier and realized that we would both be there the same day.

As I saw her walk towards me carrying her new infant daughter, a great wave of emotion completely and unexpectedly discomposed me.  I was so glad for her sympathetic hug and tears!

We had most of five hours to sit and talk, and talk, and talk…it was better than a birthday present just to be given that time.  (When you read this, thank you, my new friend!  I did finish the book last night!)

At one point, she handed me a book she wanted to loan me, and right after I tucked it into my tote bag, another mother walked over to us.  Neither of us knew her.

She said her eyes kept being drawn to us because of the tiny baby and the pregnant belly.  Then she asked if the book we’d been discussing would make a good gift for a new mother.

My friend explained that it was especially intended for a mother who had a baby with special needs, and that the author had a little boy with Down syndrome.  Then my friend shared that she herself had a little boy with Down syndrome.

I could not believe what came out of that stranger’s mouth next!

I spent the next twenty minutes trying not to let the tears spill over…

She enthusiastically told us all about her 30 year old nephew (I think?) and how he had blessed the entire family for many years.  I already forget some details, but I know she said that he had a good influence on his male cousins, teaching them to care more about other people.  She said that he had a special knack for noticing when others were sad, and would readily offer them comfort.  She told us about his funny little quirks.  She said that none of them can imagine what their family would have missed without him.

I’m not doing her justice at all.  She was a woman on a mission!   And (because I knew if I’d open my mouth, the tears would overflow) I didn’t tell her how she ministered to me.  Maybe she thought she was just acting and speaking on impulse.  But if I see her there next year,  I’m going to tell her that it was no accident.

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2 Responses to “No coincidences with God”

  1. Shari~hotfudgecustard says:

    Tears over here…. I often marvel at how God orchestrates schedules like this. How AMAZING He is! And how much He loves us!

  2. Saige says:

    I would like to believe that woman you met was an angel in disguise. ; )

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