Fetal echocardiogram

March 15th, 2010

The appointment has been set for Friday, April 23rd at 2:30 PM.  That is five weeks from this coming Friday, and I would be 30 weeks pregnant at that time.

The local hospital we had considered will decide whether or not to accept me as a maternity patient based on the specialist’s opinion.  His opinion will be based on the results of the test.

If the local hospital does not accept me, we will plan to deliver at Hershey Medical Center.  If I go into labor before April 23rd, we will head to Hershey Medical Center.

I’m planning a prenatal visit with my midwife this evening.

And that’s all the news for now!

Oh, except that everyone else in the family has a bad cold (after almost making it through the winter without sickness).  I don’t have so much as a sniffle, despite wiping many noses and kissing many hot foreheads.  Is someone praying for me?  :-)


I am editing this later to say that all the financial information is in and to me it’s incredible.  There were four options in our region for a fetal echo, and this is what they each charge a self-pay patient, with all discounts applied:

Hershey Children’s Heart Group:  $2,347

Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists (Lancaster General):  $1,935 minimum

Nemours Children’s Clinic (DuPont Children’s Hospital):  $1,699 minimum

Maternal-Fetal Medicine of Central PA (same dr. Hershey uses, but he comes to this office 2X/month):  $780 minimum to $810 maximum, depending on the length of the consultation

Guess which one we’re using??!!

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4 Responses to “Fetal echocardiogram”

  1. Joy Horton says:

    The date is on my calendar. We pray for little Verity every day and are so blessed to do so! We love her already!

    So sorry to hear that everyone’s sick – you were SO close to making it all the way through the winter! Very glad to hear that you’ve come through untouched and praying for your protection!

    I couldn’t believe the difference in price for the FEKG. That’s amazing, same test such a variance in price. Sheesh.

    Love you and am eating up these updates!

  2. greta says:

    when the stomach virus hit our house (and guess who was cleaning all the vomit :) I was amazed that I did not get sick! The Lord IS good! And what a major difference in price for the same doctor…glad you checked this out! Thinking of you always ….hugs :)

  3. Susanna says:

    That is amazing, Greta! A stomach virus is actually Not Good for a pg mama, unlike a bad cold. Today I woke up with a sore throat, but I’m fighting it with grapefruit, Vit. C, Emergen-C, Airborne and homemade sore throat coat. And I want to make a run for some fresh garlic, too. (I am so excited for you–only 2 wks. to go!)

  4. The Blanchards have commited to praying for your family, you and little Verity. Can I say that I’m not the LEAST bit surprised that God has so lovingly prepared the details down to the finances for this test? Marking the date on my calendar and we’ll be lifting you in prayer! (((HUGS))

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