Children and life

March 31st, 2010

At different times over the years, we’ve heard unbelievably cynical and negative statements from children in other families (very small families) about how many babies we were having.

In our experience, children naturally see new life as something to celebrate, and try to preserve it when they can.  How many children have tried to feed a little baby bird that fell from the nest too soon?  How many children have cried when the bird died in spite of all their care?  The more the tiny, helpless bird needs them, the more love they lavish on them.  (I know I did that more than once.  I also cried as a young adult when I accidentally drove over a groundhog, and as a grown-up when a tiny newborn kitten died after I had been hand feeding it.)

We’ve seen proof after proof of this natural drive in children to value new life.

So it makes us sad to see these children roll their eyes and say negative words about little human babies, because we know that damage has been done to their hearts by outside influences, most likely by their own parents.  We know that otherwise they would unquestioningly see a baby as someone new to love, and not as someone who is an extra burden on a family.

Here’s something our ten year old daughter Laura wrote today that reveals her unsolicited opinion of the value of babies.  All babies.

This is part of a letter we required her to compose and write for English, so please don’t get confused and think we are actually having a boy or that we’ve had the fetal echo!  She was “Angela,” writing to “Beth.”

“How is your little sister doing?  I just love that picture of her you sent to me.  Babies with Down syndrome are cuter than ever.  My mom is expecting a boy.  Last Tuesday she went to inspect the baby’s heart at the fetal echocardiogram, and the baby absolutely has a heart defect.  I am very excited that he has Down syndrome and I pray that God will make him strong.”

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