February 26th, 2010

Right now everything seems so normal.

Verity has been so active that I haven’t had to poke and prod her and eat something sweet to reassure me that she’s still alive in there.  Not all my babies have been so cooperative, believe me!

I can see her little face on the ultrasound pictures they gave me.  She looks awfully familiar!  Haven’t we seen that nose somewhere before?

I love it that she can probably hear my voice now, and I talk to her.  I love it that I can call her by name.  I love it that she may be able to hear our family reciting the Psalm we’re almost finished learning.  Psalm 91!  Maybe she can hear Joseph’s piano playing or hear us all singing?

This feels like an ordinary pregnancy.  (I’ve had the other kind, and I know.)  If you look at me, there is no outward clue that everything is not completely…normal.

Nothing much has changed in the household routine.  There are eight heads of hair that need to be cut this weekend.  Joe’s had almost two weeks without work due to customers putting jobs off until better weather comes.  He and some of the boys have been making a lot of progress on the playroom they are building into part of our barn.  (YAY!)  Schoolwork and housework are getting done almost too smoothly.  If it wasn’t kitchen day today, I’d probably go up to the attic and bring down baby girl clothes to savor.  Why not?

Why do I have a stack of books about Down syndrome next to my bed?  Is all that stuff we heard about Verity really true?  Right now, it doesn’t seem real.

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2 Responses to “Unreality”

  1. You made me smile! Savouring baby clothes sounds so wonderful, so glad you have that pretty blanket to enjoy.

    I cut four little boys hair(S) today, :) plain old life has such beautiful comforts doesn’t it? It’s where God seems to meet me everyday.


  2. Tami Swaim says:

    My husband was so kind as to lose his hair to lessen my hair cutting load! Isn’t that thoughtful of him?! HA…Believe me Susanna…I’ve got my piles of reading material too! It is good to educate yourself as much as possible. I found that very helpful. I’ve been able to do a lot of home/self therapy for Joel this way, especially while we were still living in Poland. Now I’m studying up on Tourettes for Elliot! What next? …A mom has to wear many hats…from doctor to therapist! Praise the Lord what an amazing role! I feel so inadequate BUT I just do my best to go on His strength. It’s hard. I fail. BUT He picks me up again and spurs me on. Yes, Jesus is my coach!

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