Now introducing…!

February 25, 2015 at 12:50 PM by Susanna

Those of you who have followed this blog for some time may recall that in order to find children from Pleven who are listed on Reece’s Rainbow, you can type #11 into the search bar at the top right of Reece’s Rainbow’s home page.   Then hit the Enter key.

Three new little faces were recently added–one, two, and three year old boys.  Not surprisingly, the two youngest sweeties were snapped up quickly, thank the Lord!

The third little guy, named Paul, now has some updated photos on his profile.  As soon as I saw them, I was compelled to introduce him to you.

Please meet Paul.  



I have one simple request to make of everyone who reads this blog post.

Would you please print out photos of Tiya and Paul and put them on your refrigerator or another place where you (and your family, if you have one) can see them everyday?

And them commit to praying faithfully for families for these two little ones?  

Thank you so much, friends.  Our family is praying right along with you.


Paul, age 3~



Tiya, age 8~









And Owen!!

February 25, 2015 at 12:17 PM by Susanna

The family who had previously committed to Owen is able to proceed again!


Praising God for what He is doing for this little boy!!!




Please keep these three families in prayer–Mikah’s family, Brandon’s family, and Owen’s family.  Pray especially that God will protect them, provide for them, and prepare them as they journey toward their new children.

And I’ll be sure to let you know if there is a way for us all to surround them with support and encouragement.  Right now, it’s thrilling to see Brandon and Reed’s matching grant fund shoot up!  Just now, it had reached $1335 and 23 shares on Facebook!  Thank you so much, friends.

And don’t forget to pray for a family for sweet Tiya.  She needs a family!

Just this morning, I received a text message with a picture of Brandi with a happy smile on her face.  I marveled, with tears in my eyes.  Healthy and happy…growing bigger and stronger…relaxing at home…learning to communicate her needs…loved and cared for by her own family.

How I long for the day when those text messages will hold similar pictures of this wee girlie.  Where is the family whose love is stronger than their fear?  The family who will see Tiya with eyes of love and faith and welcome her as their daughter?

Please email Shelley Bedford at




How can I help?

February 24, 2015 at 12:42 AM by Susanna

After many months of waiting and praying, the time has finally come!  The opportunity to do something concrete to help another Pleven sweetie come home!

Friends, can we rally around Brandon’s family, Doug and Jackie Thornton?  An anonymous friend has offered a sizable matching grant–$5000–to help them raise their final adoption costs.

Yes, that says $5000!

We asked Doug and Jackie to please set up a YouCaring page, and you can find it BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.

Right now, their page tells us that a total of $40 has been raised, and that the page has been shared 10 times.  So here’s our challenge!

After the fund has reached $5000, the matching funds will be added to make a total of $10,000.

Please help spread the word to others who may want to be part of this opportunity!  Copy, paste, and share the following link:

(Or you can easily share it on Facebook from the YouCaring page itself.)

Then please give as much as you possibly can, and let’s watch that total grow!


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for everything you do to help bring little ones home from Pleven.  Isn’t it great to be doing this together again?  I am so, so thankful to the Lord for each of you.