Twenty-four hours to go!

June 30, 2015 at 12:00 AM by Susanna


Only one more day until Mikah’s Hidden Treasures auction opens…unless…! 

Well, it’s like this.  Last I heard, we were still pretty far from our goal of one hundred items, so we’ll have to see a lot come in very quickly to pull this off.

It makes sense that the auction is making slow progress after it sat idle for so long.  It always takes extra effort to get a large inert object up and moving again.  <grin>

If you are willing to help, the time is now!  I am far from losing hope for this auction!  Because it can all be done through email, the rest of the donations could come in very quickly.


Would you consider helping with Mikah’s auction in three ways?

1)  Ask God to prosper this auction.  We’re keeping our eyes on Him–He’s ultimately the Provider.


2)  Share the Hidden Treasures auction link on social media and otherwise help to spread the word about this fun opportunity to help bring a special little boy home from Pleven.

Here’s the link for you to copy and paste:


3)  Even if what you have to donate seems small to you, would you be willing to give what you can without delay?

Please email your offer to


THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!


Three days and counting!

June 28, 2015 at 12:27 AM by Susanna

Hi everyone!

We arrived home armed with photos to show you what a fantastic traveler Katie turned out to be.

Then I learned that there is an important job to be done first!

Mikah’s Hidden Treasures auction is opening in three days and only a handful of donations have come in so far. 

The auctions typically put about a hundred donations up for bids.  Oops!  We’re out of the Hidden Treasures auction habit, we’ve all been so busy as always, and the time is now upon us!

Can we rally for Mikah and his family in a big way within the next three days?  His auction begins at 12 am this Wednesday, July 1st!

Have any good books sitting on a shelf that someone else would enjoy reading?  Gift cards are always popular and go fast, often for more than their face value.  Kids’ educational toys and supplies, new or nice used clothing, baby gear, home décor, jewelry, unique handmade items, international items, autographed items…be creative!

Please email with photos and descriptions of your donations as soon as possible.  Thank you so much, friends!

Who else is eager to see this little guy finally home with his own family, after thirteen years of waiting?  Let’s do this, let’s rally for Mikah!







To bond or not to bond: that is the open question

June 21, 2015 at 5:32 PM by Susanna

After reading the following email, I hope that readers with personal adoption experience will consider taking part in a discussion in the comment section.  Those outside the adoption world may not understand what the big ol’ deal is, but the following perspective is controversial and even anathema in some circles.


I’m just glad to see that Katie is happy and loved and kept warm, dry, cozy and nourished. She is perfect the way she is and doesn’t need to be what everyone else is to be perfect. You are a wonderful Mother and she is loved by her family and that is what is important. The acceptance of what IS is good for you and good for her. Her life is no less complete for not “bonding” in the typical fashion.


I was starved and neglected for almost two years. I did not bond securely. My bonding ability had been damaged. I am still okay…I just experience relationships differently and yes I love intensely but with a margin. She will be okay. She has everything she needs and more. SHE is loved…she is alive and she is perfect.


Do you agree with this perspective?  If so, why?

If not, why not?

Any related thoughts?

I want to hear from you!  Let the conversation begin!


[Anonymous comments will be accepted to this post as long as they are to the point and courteously written.]


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