Eight notes, and I hope you read them all.

April 7, 2014 at 12:05 AM by Susanna

One)  We received the most astounding email from a young woman who has a heart to serve families who follow Jesus into difficult places.  She has offered to come help our family for up to two years without pay.  We know enough about her to have no hesitations.

The only problem is that we don’t have a suitable place for her to sleep, but we’re waiting on God to fill this need if it’s His plan for her to come.  I emailed her, “We’re confident that if this is something God intends to have happen, it will happen, and if not, it won’t.”

If you live in our local area and you would be happy to host a quiet, modest, unassuming, low-maintenance young woman in your home to enable her to serve our family, could you please email us?  susanna@theblessingofverity.com


Two)  Is any blog reader out there planning to attend the upcoming Northeast Adoption Summit?  The post-permanency support service available to us through our home study agency is paying our registration fees and reimbursing Daniel for providing care for his younger siblings during that time–what an enormous blessing.  We’d love to meet up with any of you who are also planning to be there!  susanna@theblessingofverity.com


Three)  One of the greatest joys of my life over the past couple of years has been getting to know a small group of other moms who have adopted kids with special needs from institutionalization.  One mom drives up from West Virginia, another comes from New Jersey, others from outside our immediate area.  We talk and listen and cry and laugh and relate and understand and encourage and share information and it is just wonderful. If you are a mom like us and you live within driving distance, we’d love to have you join us!

More information drawn from a recent email:

Hello dear moms!

This is just to let you know that we’re planning our next get-together for 2 pm on Sunday [date named] at [location named]. I so appreciate all the hero dads who take over for us so we can have these wonderful hours to connect and encourage each other!

For those of you who are newly added to this list, we hang out together in their semi-private back room and don’t leave until we have to. They’re really great about letting us have this time and space as long as we need it. Sometimes the last two of us are still to be found chatting there almost as late as closing time.

As always, if you know another mom in our general region who is adopting or has adopted a child or children with special needs from institutionalization, please invite her! Joe and I talked it over and have decided to make January, March, June, August, and October the months we regularly get together–always [the time, date, and location named] unless something needs to change for some reason.

We’re skipping May because of the Big Families and Friends picnic our family is involved in every Memorial Day weekend and skipping Thanksgiving and Christmas months as well because we want this to be a support and not a source of stress for each other.

So looking forward to seeing all of you who can come this month!

Love you all!


Four)  The above-mentioned Big Families and Friends picnic is on our calendar again this year for the eighth year in a row!  If you are a big family of any kind and/or love to hang out with big families, you are invited and very welcome!  Please email us for more information at susanna@theblessingofverity.com.


Five)  Coming soon, Deo volente: a family update that includes Katie’s birthday, Tommy’s first week of school, a few fun videos, and lots and lots of photos, all tossed together in one big mixture just as our family is in real life.  God brought us through the latest deep waters with victory, my friends, and I’m eager to tell you about it.  His goals for us are very high indeed; much greater than our goals for ourselves.  He’s training us in more than simply how to survive as a family with very disabled kids without “re-homing” Tommy, Ben, John Michael, Joshua, Joe or me.  “Nobody’s been voted off the island in the Musser reality tv show,” says my husband…

We love our sweet treasure from Pleven~IMG_4081


Six)  But that won’t be my next post.

My next post is far more urgent.

There are now FOUR more older children with special needs available to be adopted from the PLEVEN BABY HOUSE. 

God has answered the faithful prayers of many people and continued to open the doors of Pleven for more older children with special needs to be available for adoption.  Praise Him!  Now we need to pray for God to open the hearts of their families.

Please understand!  The Pleven orphanage has improved from a -50 to maybe a -10.  It is far, far, far from being a great place for little children, with or without special needs!

These four precious children are in great need of loving, committed families to value them, accept them, and care for them as tenderly and patiently as they would care for Jesus if He went to live at their house.

Email Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com with serious inquiries about adopting Tiya, upper left, 8 years old, Brandon, upper right, 10 years old, Mikah, lower left, 12 years old, and Owen, lower right, 5 1/2 years old~



Seven)  There’s another little boy waiting in a different orphanage in Bulgaria who desperately needs to come home, as he is deteriorating quickly without the love and care he would get from a family who loves him.  Tiny Samson is only two years old, and you can read more about him here on his Reece’s Rainbow profile.  Please share his need for a family!

If you think you may be this precious boy’s family, please email Shelley Bedford at shele337@gmail.com



Eight)  What?  I’m still going to advocate for very needy, very disabled little ones waiting in institutions?  I’m still going to plead with other families to go and bring them home?  Even after all the struggles and difficulties we have been through since Tommy came home?  Yes, yes, a thousand times yes!

YES, as long as God gives me opportunity and strength with which to cry out, YES, I will cry out for these precious thrown-away fatherless children!  YES, we still consider ourselves privileged that He has called us to this ministry!  YES, we would do it all over again if we knew then what we know now!  YES, we now have even more reason to say to other families, “Do not fear to put your lives into Jesus’ hands and follow where He leads!”




Beautiful Brandi Auction is Up and Running!

April 6, 2014 at 12:56 AM by Susanna

Hello my friends! It is hard to believe that the weeks have passed once again.

Our April auction is up and running. We have some truly lovely items, and many are without bids. Please take a moment to stop by and see what might interest you.

There is a precious little girl who is waiting and a sweet family who is anxious to get to her as soon as possible! The Beautiful Brandi auction will end at midnight eastern time on Monday the 7th.

Thank you in advance, and spread the word!

Amy Rainey

Guess where I went tonight?

April 2, 2014 at 12:06 AM by Susanna


To this very special corner of the internet…


…to help bring this very special treasure…

Brandi_2013 (1)



…home from Pleven to this very special family!!!



And I hope you will, too!

Please check out the Beautiful Brandi auction before midnight on Monday, April 7th, and get your bids in!


It’s not too late to donate auction items! 

Don’t see any items you’d bid on?  What would you bid on?  Would you please consider donating some goodies?  I’d love to see the list of auction items grow over the next day or so!


Auctions just aren’t your thing?

I urge you to donate directly to help spring that sweet Brandi out of Pleven!  Visit Dan and Jeannie’s YouCaring page and help bring that total up!


Last but far from least– 



Thank you, friends!